Project About
As Borusan we are launching a joint project titled as My Mom’s Job is My Future with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, to increase women’s employment rate in industry and support empowerment of women.

Within this scope we are planning to open daily child care facilities called 'Borusan Joy Factory' to facilitate the needs of children aged between 0 and 6 in 10 organized industrial zones (OIZ) of 10 cities across Turkey. Borusan Joy Factories are intended to make life easier for women who cannot go to work because of their child care obligations.
Starting Point
The rapid development of the industry sector has played an important role in the attainment of a more powerful economic structure in Turkey. The low level of women’s employment has been one of the most critical factors in the development of industry. As the women’s employment rate is as low as 24% Turkey currently has one of the lowest levels of women’s employment among European countries. Meanwhile women currently account for only 15.2% of the labor force in the industry sector.

As a society we still need to take many more steps in terms of women’s employment. According to figures provided by the World Economic Forum in the 2012 Global Gender Gap Report our country currently ranked 129th out of 135 countries in relation to the gender inequality in economic participation. Recent figures provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) indicate that over the past 20 years the women's labor force participation rate has fallen from 34% to 28%. Child care requirement is clearly one of the biggest factors that can be cited among the reasons that result in the low rate of employment among women.

Roughly 61.2% of unemployed women cited 'being a housewife' as their primary reason for not participating in labor force. The same study also indicated that 80% of unemployed women would be willing to work if child care facilities were made available to them.

Women are always obligated to consider the child care options for their children when they face the possibility of finding a job. The lack of institutionalization in child care and the absence of appropriate child care facilities have had a direct impact on the working conditions of women. 'My Mom's Job is My Future' project is designed to eliminate one of the biggest obstacles in the way of women's employment and support their labor force participation by focusing on the issue of child care.
'My Mom's Job is My Future' paves the way not only for the empowerment of women, but also for strengthening of both family and our country’s economy by facilitating the participation of more women in labor market of the industry sector. The main objectives of Borusan Joy Factories, which will be opened in OIZs, to provide education and care of children between ages of 0 to 6 include;
  • Providing opportunities for women who are unable to work because of child care,
  • Eliminating the obstacles in the way of women's participation in the labor force,
  • Increasing women's employment rate in industry,
  • Establishing a suitable environment of education for the mental and physical development of children who are unable to benefit from pre-school care and education services.

With the support of 'My Mom's Job is My Future' women’s employment rate especially in Anatolian region will increase. Women will go to work in contentment knowing that their children are in a happy, safe and healthy educational environment at the Borusan Joy Factories.
Within the scope of 'My Mom's Job is My Future,' 'Borusan Joy Factories', which will provide services for the needs of children aged between 0 and 6, are to be built in 10 organized industrial zones of 10 cities. The first Borusan Joy Factory, which will be a part of 'My Mom's Job is My Future' project that will continue between 2013 and 2016, is scheduled to open in the Adıyaman Organized Industrial Zone.

In addition to Adıyaman, the construction of Borusan Joy Factories in Malatya II, Şanlıurfa, and Afyonkarahisar Organized Industrial Zones are expected to start in 2013. The cities where the remaining six Borusan Joy Factories are scheduled to be built will be determined during the second half of 2013.

Furthermore, Borusan plans to organize panels, seminars, and workshops in the cities where 'My Mom's Job is My Future' project is implemented. These activities will also contribute to a greater public awareness in terms of the need to increase women's employment rate in industry and their economical empowerment.