A Great Support from Borusan to Women's Employment!
"My Mom’s Job is My Future"
Borusan launches a new social responsibility project that aims to increase women’s employment rate in industry in collaboration with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. This social responsibility project is titled as My Mom’s Job is My Future. Within the scope of the project, daily child care facilities will be built. These facilities will support women who cannot go to work because of child care.

The daily child care facilities, which will provide services for children aged between 0 and 6 years, will be established in the organized industrial zones across Turkey. The architectural design of these facilities, the first of which is to be opened in Adiyaman, will be determined with a nation-wide architectural competition.

Borusan, a company that creates value with its beneficial contributions to society in the fields of education, culture and arts, launches a new social responsibility project to “increase women’s employment rate in industry.”

In collaboration with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Borusan paves the way for a new project titled as My Mom’s Job is My Future for women who are not able to work because of their children’s need for care. Within this scope, daily child care facilities where children aged between 0 and 6 will be looked after and will receive pre-school education, will be built in 10 organized industrial zones of 10 cities all around Turkey.

My Mom’s Job is My Future will contribute to the target of both Ministries to “increase the number of daily child care facilities in organized industrial zones”, which is guaranteed under a protocol signed last year between the two Ministries, by building 10 facilities with a capacity of 75 to 150 children each, in 4 years. By supporting women with this project, Borusan aims to enhance women’s employment in industry. While women work with their mind in peace, their children will be provided with a joyful, safe and healthy educational environment in the daily care facilities, called “Borusan Joy Factory.”

The First Borusan Joy Factory is in Adıyaman

As part of My Mom’s Job is My Future which is launched with the protocol signed by Fatma Şahin, Minister of Family and Social Policies, Nihat Ergün, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology and Agah Uğur, Borusan Holding CEO, the first Borusan Joy Factory will be opened in Adıyaman Organized Industrial Zone in the southeast region of Turkey. In addition to Adıyaman, the construction of Borusan Joy Factories in Malatya II, Şanlıurfa and Afyonkarahisar Organized Industrial Zones will start in 2013. Also as part of the project, seminars and workshops will be organized with the cooperation of two Ministries in order to raise awareness on enhancement of women’s employment and economic empowerment of women primarily in the cities where My Mom’s Job is My Future project will be carried out.

Agah Uğur: We decided to be part of the solution to increase women’s employment rate

Agah Ugur, Borusan Holding CEO, who made a speech at the signing ceremony, explained the purpose of the project as follows:

“Turkey, which has shown a successful growth performance as a result of the financial discipline and structural reforms it has been applying in last 10 years, aims to be among the top ten economies of the world. To fulfill such a challenging target we need qualified, productive and hard-working labor. Labor profile of women in Turkey seems to be negative these days. According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, female participation to labor force is only 28.8 % and the number of unemployed women has reached 19.4 million. In international comparisons we see that Turkey’s female employment rate is far below.” Uğur who noted that participation of women in employment is an indispensible part of Turkey’s development process, and that the government takes significant steps to increase women’s entrepreneurship and employment said: “As one of the well-established industrial companies of Turkey, we decided to be a part of the solution. We pledged to support women’s empowerment both in business life and in the society by signing the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2012. Researches indicate that the major obstacle to women’s employment is their responsibility to care for their children. By supporting the families, we aim to help women in participating economic life and providing a good pre-school education to their children, and thus to contribute in the family and to the national economy. On the other hand, in Bursa Gemlik, we will realize another branch of Asım Kocabıyık Microfinance Branch, which we have opened with TISVA in Afyonkarahisar and create an important transformation. With this step we continue to increase our support for women’s entrepreneurship”.

My Mom’s Job is My Future starts with an Architectural Design Competition

The Borusan Joy Factories, which will be established for My Mom’s Job is My Future project, are aimed to have an innovative and unique design that will allow children to look at the future with hope and to reflect the spirit of the project. For this purpose, Borusan launches an architectural design competition in collaboration with Yapı-Endüstri Merkezi in line with the “TMMOB Chamber of Architects Competitions Regulations.” The professional jurors of the competition, which will be open for applications until April 12, 2013, include Arch. Prof. Dr. Architect Hakkı Önel, Arch. Gökhan Avcıoğlu, Arch. Sinan Kafadar, and the consulting jurors include Bülent Demircioğlu, Borusan Holding Vice President of the Board, Ceren Guven Gürses, UNICEF Project Executive and Meral Tamer, journalist.

The prototype Borusan Joy Factories will support mental and physical development of the children of 0 – 6 age group, and it will develop their abstract thinking capability, endear nature and animals to them, raise their awareness about the environment and sustainability, and enable them to interact closely with culture and arts. These facilities are also intended to be energy saving, green buildings. The terms and conditions and all detailed information for the architectures who would like to apply to the competition are available at