Borusan’s Joy Factories will bear young architects’ signatures!
The result of the Borusan Joy Factory Architectural Design Competition, as part of My Mom’s Job is My Future project aimed to open 10 daily child care facilities in 10 cities, is completed.

Both born in 1985, the winner architects Hakkı Can Özkan and Serdar Köroğlu received their prizes on Tuesday, May 14 at the YEM (Turkey’s Building Information Centre) award ceremony.

In addition to the degree winners, 3 honorable mentions and 5 purchasing value of the projects were given at the award ceremony.

The project, which Hakkı Can Özkan was the group leader and Serdar Köroğlu the assistant architect, was crowned as first place. The second place was given to the group leader Kerem Çınar and third place to Ayşegül Akçay’s group.

The projects that participated in the competition will be exhibited in YEM (Turkey’s Building Information Centre) until May 19, 2013.

Who is Hakkı Can Özkan?

Born in 1985 in Istanbul, Özkan finished Üsküdar Anadolu Academy. He then graduated from Yıldız Teknik University Department of Architecture in 2008. Attending to numerous national and international competitions, he has won many awards. He has completed the Yıldız Teknik University M.Sc Progam in Building Research and Planning. Since 2008 he is working at the DBArchitects .

Who is Serdar Köroğlu?

Born in 1985 in Ankara, he finished Beyazıd Anadolu Highschool in 2003. He graduated from Yıldız Teknik University Department of Architecture in 2008. He then completed his education in Denmark and Belgium. He also completed Yıldız Teknik University’s M.Sc program in Computer Aided Architectural Design. He is currently working in DBArchitects since 2010.