We Are Proud of Opening the Adıyaman Borusan Joy Factory!
We are working with our hearts and soul for a Turkey where mothers can fulfill their dreams about their children.

This Mothers Day, we are proudly presenting the first ‘Borusan Joy Factory’ in Adıyaman as part of our social responsibility project ‘My Mom’s Job is My Future.’ The Adıyaman Borusan Joy Factory, located in the Adıyaman organized industrial zone, provides children of working mothers with a safe, heartwarming and comfortable home.

With a record number of applications for a national architecture design competition, the Adıyaman Borusan Joy Factory is designed and built to support the mental and physical development of children aged between 0 and 6.

In order for children to engage in activities in arts and culture, every classroom consists of music and performance corners with numerous musical instruments and puppets. In addition, there is a backyard that has multiple plantation fields for children in order to raise awareness on environmental appreciation and love for nature.

From now on, moms have jobs and children have future in Adıyaman with our Borusan Joy Factory!